Song, Band und Video des Tages (Auch wenn das gleich drei Dinge auf einmal sind.): t-Kette – Baby

von /the weekender!

Recently while down in Lafayette, Louisiana, to attend and cover the city’s annual Festival International de Louisiane, BTRtv stopped by a rehearsal for local band t-kette, who were preparing to play a show the next night. The trio — made up of Allison Bohl, Rachel Nederveld, and Jessie Lalonde, who regularly switch instruments in the course of a live set — play a fuzzed out strain of rock built on playful riffs with overlapping melodies and harmonies. Bringing to mind such notable punk and post-punk outfits as The Slits, Delta 5, and, occasionally, Black Tambourine, the group has been busy working on their debut album and touring various parts of the country — when they’re not busy in their own vibrant South Lousiana scene