Demo des Tages: Last Leaves — The Nights You Drove Me Home

von /the weekender!

Die Lucksmiths sind zurück! Zumindest drei Viertel von Ihnen unter neuem Namen. Das Projekt heisst „Last Leaves“ und beteiligt sind Marty Donald, Mark Monnone, Louis Richter und Noah Symons (Great Earthquake).

Marty Donald dazu:

For a while there after The Lucksmiths bowed out a couple of years ago, I wasn’t too sure what to do with myself. I painted some of the house; I watched all of The Wire. Every so often I picked up my guitar, and — less often — an idea for a song would suggest itself. I was happy enough taking my time, so the songs could gradually find their own distinct character. These were the first songs I wrote after moving to the hills just outside Melbourne a few years ago, in my studio overlooking the treetops and rooftops of the valley below, so I guess it’s not surprising that they largely forsake my familiar inner-suburban milieu for the open spaces beyond — for coastal hamlets, country highways and mountainside motels. Eventually, when I had maybe half-a-dozen songs finished, I began to consider what to do with them. Mark and Louis and I had spoken about working together again ever since The Lucksmiths split, and I couldn’t imagine not having either of them involved. And Noah Symons — a new friend of mine, who turned out to be the man behind the phenomenal one-man-band Great Earthquake, as well as the man behind the coffee machine in my local cafe — agreed to play drums. And so Last Leaves came to be. It’s early days, of course, and things are still taking shape, but already the new-found sense of space in the songs’ narratives is reflected in their more expansive and dynamic sound. Hopefully you’ll listen at some stage and see for yourself.

Es stehen bereits Konzerte unter Anderem mit The Wedding Present an. Ich hoffe, dass schnell eine Platte erscheint. Das Ganze klingt mehr als vielversprechend und ist nach der bedauerlichen Trennung der Lucksmiths eine tolle Neuigkeit für mich!

Hier das Demo: