Die /the weekend starts here! – Playlist vom 21.10.11 und der Song des Tages

von /the weekender!

Die Playlist der gestrigen Sendung:

01. Senor Coconut And His Orchestra – Da Da Da (Nacional Records,2008)
02. Band À Part – La Merienda (Elefant Records,2011)
03. Amanda Applewood – Still Smiling (Too Young To Die,2011)
04. Mayer Hawthorne – Dreaming (Universal Music,2011)
05. Säkert! – The Lakes We Skate On (Razzia Records,2011)
06. Veronica Falls – All Eyes On You (Universal Music,2011)
07. Moustache Of Insanity – We Need More Awesomeness (PYT Records/Fika Recordings,2011)
08. Gold-Bears – Xmas Song (Slumberland Records,2011)
09. Catnaps – Lullaby (Self-Release,2011)
10. Very Truly Yours – To See You Here (Skywriting Records,2010)
11. Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself (Secretly Canad/Cargo Records,2011)
12. The Smittens – Typing,Texting (WeePop!,2011)
13. Acid House Kings (feat. Dan Treacy) – Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now (Labrador Records,2011)
14. Elephant Stone – Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin (Self-Release,2011)
15. Noel Gallagher´s High Flying Birds – I´d Pick You Every Time (Sour Mash/Indigo,2011)
16. Summer Fiction – Tell Me Once,Tell Me Twice (Self-Release,2011)
17. Young Romance – Swollen Hearts,Bitten Tongues (Self-Release,2011)

Und hier der Song des Tages: