Dokumentation des Tages: The Perfect Suit

von /the weekender!

„A witty exploration of the evolution of the gentleman’s suit. Alastair Sooke only owns one suit, but he is fascinated by how the matching jacket and trousers has become a uniform for men. Over the last 100 years the suit has evolved from working man’s Sunday best to the casual wear of royalty.
 For many ‚the suit‘ is synonymous with all that is dull. But tailor Charlie Allen, Top Man chief designer Gordon Richardson and Sir Paul Smith show Alastair that the suit can be a cutting-edge fashion item and ‚armour‘ to face the world.“

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Films Featured :

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Director: Jay Roach
New Line Productions, Capella International & Pathe, 1997

Austin Powers: Goldmember
Director: Jay Roach
New Line Productions, 2002

Ocean’s 11
Producer and Director: Lewis Milestone
Warner Brothers, 1960

American Gigilo
Writer and Director: Paul Schrader
Paramount, 1980