Massimo Osti – Material von 1988

von /the weekender!

Auf  Found_NYC habe ich ein Video entdeckt, welches seltene Filmaufnahmen und ein Interview mit Massimo Osti enthält.

Da das Interview auf italienisch ist, gibt es auch eine englische Übersetzung dazu:

“Fashion to me is what you like to wear, what will make you feel comfortable when wearing it.
Fashion to me is a job as well, a job that I do with a lot of dedication and passion.

My idea is that someone should feel good about what he wears, may it be a new or 10 year old garment.
I started as a Graphic designer and my first things were printed t-shirts. I used screen printing on them, a technique used mainly to print on paper before.
I believe that italian fashion has been investing a lot in research in the past few years, I think italian fashion is the best when it comes down to researching fabrics etc.

I never liked catwalks. I think if you do a catwalk because of the atmosphere, then it is fake.
If you do it to present a product, it is not good enough to really see and understand it.
To me it is an old concept. I tend to avoid that, when I can.

We tend to believe that young consumers like to be impressed and amazed by the product.
Instead, I do believe that young people can really understand the “real” contents of the product ie functional aspects etc.”